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Our client:

Introducing Proptech Zoom: Proptech Zoom stands at the forefront of the real estate industry’s digital evolution, offering an integrated suite of services that enhance efficiency and digital strategy for real estate businesses. With a unique blend of industry-specific knowledge, expansive network, and technological support, Proptech Zoom bridges the gap between real estate and technology, driving innovation and market growth.

Why Service Design?

Service design is essential for:

  • Understanding motivations, desires, and fears beyond demographic data.
  • Developing customer-oriented services guided by user needs.
  • Creating strategies with actionable blueprints and maps for conscious planning.


Service Design Workshop:

The workshop itself was preceded by a preliminary assessment questionnaire and the subsequent industry survey. Based on the data, we prepared workshop timings and materials completely tailored to the client.

Then we successfully facilitated a service design workshop aimed at refining and enhancing their service offerings. This workshop was grounded in our comprehensive understanding of service design principles, including:

  • Deep design research methods for profound user insight.
  • Holistic integration of business areas into one cohesive research effort.
  • Tools from user experience design, business strategy, interaction planning, customer journey, business development, marketing, and project implementation.


Workshop Outcomes: The service design workshop led to strategic enhancements in Proptech Zoom’s approach to digital transformation, focusing on:

  • Identifying and addressing the specific needs of real estate companies, tech companies, and investors.
  • Tackling challenges such as project timing issues, lack of digitalization capacity, and dependency risks through technological competence.
  • Streamlining the path towards digital efficiency with targeted audits, strategic planning, and product development.


This collaboration has positioned Proptech Zoom as a leader in the digitalization of the real estate market, leveraging the power of service design to create innovative, user-centered solutions that drive the industry forward


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