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Our client:

Sharity, developed by a renowned BIG4 company, is an innovative app available on Apple iOS and Android, designed to revolutionize philanthropy. It caters to three distinct customer groups, enabling users to support their chosen foundations either through direct donations or by watching short, 30-second ads. This unique model allows users to contribute without financial burden, offering their time instead. Advertisers gain an opportunity for socially responsible engagement with their target audience at competitive rates, while foundations can showcase their missions, achievements, and launch campaigns, receiving 100% of the donations made.

PALM’s task:

Our objective was multifaceted: to boost app downloads significantly, enhance user engagement, and facilitate partnerships between advertising companies and foundations seeking support. By leveraging a comprehensive suite of marketing tools, our aim was to create a thriving ecosystem around Sharity.

Strategy and execution:

Our approach was holistic, focusing on fostering three-way communication between users, advertisers, and foundations. We undertook a range of initiatives, including:

  • Crafting and producing engaging animated videos to highlight the benefits for each stakeholder group.
  • Launching targeted social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, encompassing content production, copywriting, and design.
  • Driving user and foundation engagement on Facebook and Instagram, while using LinkedIn to connect with potential advertisers.
  • Implementing Google Ads campaigns directed at foundations and individual users, alongside Facebook and Instagram ads to promote stories and posts.
  • Developing both online and offline materials, complete with copywriting and design, to broaden outreach.
  • Orchestrating cross-promotion partnerships with influencers like Zsuzsa Csisztu, Éva Barabás, András Csonka, Levente Harsányi, and Szabina Tápai, providing marketing support and consultancy to maximize their impact.
  • Managing the complete organization and execution of sweepstakes to drive app downloads and engagement.
  • Establishing a cohesive brand image and identity.


Results achieved:

The collaboration between Sharity and PALM Group over six months yielded impressive results:

  • Over 2,000 new users joined Sharity, with sustained activity levels.
  • The platform welcomed 30+ foundations, expanding the app’s impact and reach.


This case study exemplifies PALM Group’s commitment to efficient digital marketing strategies to support innovative platforms like Sharity, driving social impact through technology.


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