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Client Feature: Rollout IT

Rollout IT is a pioneering Hungarian staffing agency founded by developers for developers, catering to a global audience of companies and remote workers alike. Specializing in programming and software development roles, Rollout IT partners with companies offering positions that require a minimum of 5 years of professional experience, connecting them with top-tier talent.

PALM Group’s Mission: Our objective was to spearhead Rollout IT’s social media communication and advertising strategy with a focus on recruitment. We set out to design and implement an automated system that bypasses traditional HR processes, alongside identifying and attracting employer partners through strategic marketing tools.

Strategy & Execution: Our comprehensive strategy encompassed several key initiatives:

  • Social Media Management: Orchestrating content production across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, incorporating both copywriting and design tasks. In 2022, we expanded our efforts to include Reddit and Twitter.

  • Email Marketing: Building an email database and rolling out continuous newsletter campaigns to engage potential candidates and partners.

  • Content Creation: Generating blog articles for Medium to establish thought leadership and organizing live-streamed events monthly to foster community engagement.

  • LinkedIn Outreach: Tailoring communications and articles specifically for prospective employer partners, enhancing B2B engagement.

  • Recruitment Innovation: Developing a three-round automated screening test and creating a dedicated landing page for it, streamlining the candidate evaluation process.

Achievements: The collaboration between Rollout IT and PALM Group has led to significant milestones:

  • Established brand recognition within professional circles.
  • Facilitated the addition of 20 new team members through our recruitment efforts.
  • Initiated ongoing discussions with potential partner companies, resulting in 4 successful collaborations for staffing solutions.


PALM’s digital marketing strategies successfully enhanced recruitment processes, connecting highly skilled professionals with leading companies in the tech industry.


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